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Intelligent EV charging solution

Mature and complete commercial charging system for EVs

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Track and manage your EV

Charging Business by pur platform

Our flexible Solution offers customers simple ways to charge their electric vehicles, helping operators work well with the platform
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Monitoring And Operating Your EV charging Stations

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Connect Instantly

OCPP connects thousands of charge point operators and drivers looking for charging. With OCPP platform, you’ll always have the power to decide which stations you share and when they’re available.

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Monetize Your EV Station

Easily monetize your EV Stations on our real-time network. Leverage simple, digital tools and connect with EV drivers.

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Streamline billing & pricing

Set your own pricing strategies and manage subscription billing with flexible terms. Calculate revenues in just a few clicks.

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Manage EV Charging Stations Smartly

Excellent business platform

Easily build up your own network from different charging stations and brands. Keep your power supply in balance and get notified when maintenance is needed.

Industry-leading support for vehicle-to-grid communications within global EV charging standards.

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Multi-functional OCPP Charging Station

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Various models of the stations

According to needs from different markets, the stations are designed and manufactured in various types,7kW/11kW/22kW, Socket version/Tethered version, Wall-mounted/Standmounting;

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Unique Exterior Design

Ensure an attractive and unique appearance on the market, which carries the mature AC charging system, guaranteeing the safety of the charging.



According to needs from different markets, the stations are designed and manufactured in various types, 7kW/11kW/22kW, Socket version/Tethered version, Wall-mounted/Stand-mounting;



By supporting network connectivity and compatible with OCPP, it reserves the interactivity for system integration and can be an ideal solutions for commercial and residential charging sites.



Thanks to the unique design on the structure, the station has a high water-proof protection level, up to IP65, can be used perfectly indoors or outdoors.

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Create and tailor your own EV charging network through our OCPP platform, please feel free to contact us