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Cloud Platform For Commercial EV Charging

Manage and optimize your AC charging points with Cloud Platform, perfect coordinate between electric vehicles and charging points, especially in the software and the hardware.

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What Can We Offer

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Reliable OCPP Charging Backend

Our OCPP system is designed and made on the base of OCPP Json1.6, which is compatible with the Protocol from OCA; and it makes connection easily with the OCPP stations which installed in Parking lots, house of flats, office building and etc;

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Experienced skills for your needs

In the past years, we offered our excellent service to lots of clients all around the world, helping them solve the problems on the OCPP connection and using;

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Various selections for choosing

We have taken all the problems and requests form customers into consideration, so in the platform you can find more selections of manual settings, which can meet your various wants;

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Easily using for rookies

Simple operation interface and our professional operation manuals will assistant you find an easier way to work with the platform, we’re here to help every step of the way;

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One-stop EV charging service

OCPP Json1.6 platform is not only the system we offer, but also the OCPP charging station; allowing us to supply future-proof commercial charging products through our one-stop service;

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Reduce your cost

Ensure EV charging operation excellence, reduce total cost of ownership and monetize your chargers with our sustainable and cost-effective business model.

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Run your EV charging business with our multi-functional system

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Powerful Toll For Your Business

We give building managers, installers, and EV charger manufacturers all of the tools they need to deploy smart EV infrastructure. Whether how many your charging stations are, you can get satisfied service from us;

  • EV Charging Infrastructure Solution Manage and operate your charging piles with major platform system and APP, make charging easier and smarter;
  • Authorization, online authorization, local whitelist (online, offline)
  • Set the status of the pile, available, unavailable, etc;
  • Set charging not to charge, start charging remotely, stop charging;
  • Status diagnosis;
  • Schedule charging;
  • Meter measurement;
  • Smart charging, charging schedule;
  • Remote firmware upgrade;
  • Data transmission channel.
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Strategy and payment of charging business

Charging Infrastructure

  • With specific needs, you can set and manage your charging fees and plans;Multi-currency payment, like USD, ERU, GBP and etc;
  • Optional charges standard: /KWH; /TIMES; /H;
  • Optional charges standard: /KWH; /TIMES; /H;
  • Optional payment methods: RFID; Credit Card; Stripe; Cybersource;
  • Charges for different 0me period;
  • Automated billing of charging sessions and receipt genera0on;
  • Numerous charging strategies could be made formulated at your charging points;
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Operation Monitor

  • Through platform, it can help you monitor each ac0on and status of your stations, -Well know of connector real-0me status;
  • Authorize and manage all your RFID cards;
  • Fault report;
  • Authorize and manage all your Agencies;
  • Transaction report;
  • Recharge order;
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Check Your App

App is designed by EV drivers, and for EV drivers

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Private using account Authorization for yourstation Track your usage Pay for your charging Find charging points 24/7 online service
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Create and tailor your own EV charging network through our OCPP platform, please feel free to contact us