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What’s OCPP Protocol?

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  • 2021-09-22
The technical editorial board of OCPP (full name Open Charge Point Protocol) is OCA (full name Open Charge Alliance) located in the Netherlands. This alliance is mainly responsible for advancing the open charging protocol OCPP and the open smart charging protocol OSCP. The initiator of the alliance is ElaadNL of the Netherlands, which has operated more than 3,000 charging stations in the Netherlands since 2009.
The birth of this agreement is due to the fact that there are too many private agreements in the industry that cannot support the unified service experience and operation interconnection between services of different operators, so OCA took the lead in advancing the formulation of this open agreement.
The newest version of OCPP 1.6 is particularly special at the beginning of the support for smart charging. The increase in the number of vehicles and electric piles in the future will bring great pressure to the grid, which requires that the charging process can be planned according to various levels from top to bottom. Instead of operating at full load, the planning of these charging process information needs to achieve consistent information in all aspects through the communication between the electric pile and the background.

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